Tariq Ali on why Assad must go

Tariq Ali’s emphatic assertion that the Assad family must be pushed out of power — and that the pushing should come from Russia and China — probably didn’t sit too well with the operators of Russia Today. This interview appears to have never been uploaded to their YouTube channel. (Just in case it also disappears from their website, here’s a copy of the interview someone else put on YouTube.)

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One thought on “Tariq Ali on why Assad must go

  1. ana souri

    Smart man this Tariq Ali. Interesting it takes a British Pakistani historian to properly interpret events in an Arab country.
    He is correct in many aspects, especially warning of the take over by the Moslem Brotherhood. This gang of extremists and religious thugs who would like nothing more than to turn Syria’s secular society into a replica of the Saudi and Qatari religious extremism.
    I prey he is right and Assad steps down, but not to the Moslem Brotherhood and salafits, finish them off first, then go with them.
    A friend of mine in Syria told me of a story that took place many years ago in Homs. Where a groups of students visiting on a school trip from Damascus were attacked by locals and stoned and were forced to leave the area. They were attacked because there were girls in the group and they wore jeans. The area they were visiting was Baba al amr.
    Homs is also where the Moslem Brotherhood murdered several young cadets in the academy because some of them were Alawites.
    These people do not represent the Syrian people.

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