U.S. officials continue to conceal the identity and now whereabouts of accused soldier

Over three days after 16 Afghan citizens were murdered, U.S. military officials have still not revealed the identity of the American soldier who is believed to have shot them.

Earlier today the Associated Press reported:

Afghan lawmakers have demanded that the shooter, identified by U.S. officials as a staff sergeant, face a public trial inside Afghanistan. They have called on Afghan President Hamid Karzai to suspend any negotiations with the U.S. on a long-term military pact until this happens.

“No final decision has been made yet” on the location of the trial, said Col. Gary Kolb, a U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan.

“We have done court martials in Afghanistan before, so we have the capability,” Kolb said. “They’ll take a look at all the circumstances and determine if they do it here or if it goes back to the States.”

The AP now reports that the soldier has been whisked out of the country:

The soldier was taken aboard a U.S. military aircraft to a “pretrial confinement facility” in another country, the official said, but would not confirm if that meant an American military base or another type of facility. The official spoke anonymously because the information had not yet been publicly announced.

The official did not provide a reason for the move, saying only that legal proceedings would continue outside of Afghanistan.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. officials continue to conceal the identity and now whereabouts of accused soldier

  1. Alex Bell

    Nobody seems to have compared the way this murderer has been treated and the way Bradley Manning was treated.

    It says says a lot about American values that a man who deliberately and methodically killed children and some adults has been protected and looked after, but a man who has killed no one but exposed other peoples killing was named, villified, and tortured for many months.

    Regards, Alex

  2. Alabala

    What else can one expect in country whose war making President is considered a liberal. For that matter what do you expect from a world who accepts that such a person receives a Nobel Peace prize? War is peace, murderers are heroes, whistle blowers are enemies. And the citizens are brain dead sheep

  3. Norman

    Consider that the wars are ongoing for another reason. That being what do you do with all the trained killers when you bring them home? What do you do with the ones with PTSD, when their meds run out? Discharge them? Let the civilian population deal with it? Both the Military and the Government-Congress/Executive branch-are scared. Do the numbers, if these Vets are turned loose, they will join up with those already here, as well as those arm chair combat soldiers, and then the shooting starts. No one wants to think out loud about that scenario.

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