American manifest destiny and Zionism

I’ve long been struck by the obvious parallels between America and Israel, both of which built their foundations on ethnic cleansing. Cliff Brown explores this theme in the following video: “Two tragedies: American and Israeli injustice”

Brown describes himself on his blog: I am a 61 year old American male who, as a teenager, cheered on the Israelis in the 1967 war.

What changed my views on Israel? I lost my ignorance of both history and current events in the Middle East.

I decided to educate myself instead of forming my views from received wisdom. Though I knew (and know) many Jews, I did not know one Palestinian. I made it my business to discover the truth of the Palestinian situation for myself as can anyone who has access to the Internet.

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2 thoughts on “American manifest destiny and Zionism

  1. BillVZ

    Cliff Brown has a fine post here. The realities of both tragedies of American and Israeli injustice should be know to all citizens of each countrty. His remarks are stright forward and there for those who read them to ponder and act upon.
    Thank you Cliff Brown for a little ‘gem’ that I will save and send to those who care.

  2. Tom Hall

    For years Israel and its friends have called upon unspoken (and frankly shameful) memories of the European conquest and settlement of North America to justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The affinities between the two political cultures resonate at a level which for most Americans is unexplored yet whose rightness and necessity is incontestable. This brief film is a potent reminder of the dual foundational myth of Israel/USA which remains today a sustaining force in patterns of domination both regionally and across the globe.

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