2 thoughts on “Video: Counting the Cost — The cost of the ‘war on drugs’

  1. Norman

    Changing the culture of the government. A daunting task, considering that it’s far easier to arrest the little people, the ones who can’t fight back, then to actually go after the important people distributing the drugs. The corruption factor, is perhaps the biggest impediment to the problem today. Face it, there is just way too much money involved, as well as who really controls the production & distribution. One doesn’t need too much imagination, when it comes to that end of the line.

  2. Óscar Palacios

    There’s an excellent book on the subject by Anabel Hernández, called “Los señores del narco” (I couldn’t find a link to an English version, I don’t know if the is one). It provides a much needed narrative that explains the history of the Mexican drug cartels. She concludes that Mexico is becoming a menace to the region. The cartels have infiltrated the Mexican government to a degree beyond imagination.

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