Bahrain protester found dead on eve of grand prix

The Guardian reports: An investigation has been launched in Bahrain after an anti-government protester was found dead following clashes with riot police on the eve of the controversial Formula One grand prix.

Bahraini authorities confirmed on Saturday that the dead man was Salah Abbas Habib. It said in a statement that the 36-year-old had suffered a wound to his left side and the case was being treated as a homicide.

The public security chief, Major General Tariq al-Hassan, said: “”We are pressing ahead with our investigations with every resource available. I would ask that people await the results of the autopsy and further updates rather than relying on speculation, including rumours spread through social media. The government condemns all acts of violence and will ensure the perpetrators of this crime, whoever they may be, will be brought to justice.”

The opposition group al-Wefaq said Habib’s body was found on the roof of a building after he and other protesters were beaten by riot police who suppressed a demonstration in the village of Shakhura late on Friday night. They released a photograph of Habib’s blood-covered body on a corrugated iron roof. He was apparently found wearing a teargas mask. Reports suggested he had been shot.

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