Thank you to 60 Minutes

Jewish Voice for Peace says: “On April 22, Bob Simon and the US news show 60 Minutes shared the painful truth with 13 million viewers — the primary cause for the exodus of Palestinian Christians from the Holy Land is the nearly 45 year-old illegal Israeli occupation. Now 60 Minutes is being attacked for telling the truth. A range of Israel-first partisan groups have gone on the attack against CBS, and they have received over 29,000 emails of complaint. If 60 Minutes backs down, then other media outlets will do the same.”

Click here to sign JVP’s petition which has already gathered over 5,000 signatures in a couple of hours. (JVP is a national grassroots organization dedicated to promoting equality, democracy and self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians.)

Churches for Middle East Peace also have a petition for the same purpose. (CMEP is a coalition of 24 national Church denominations and organizations in Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions.)

And if you missed Bob Simon’s report, here it is:

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3 thoughts on “Thank you to 60 Minutes

  1. Norman Zepp

    Kudos to CBS. The Israeli occupation must end. Netanyahu has never spoken one word which can be trusted. Greater Israel has always been the goal and not peace.

  2. DE Tedooru

    ‘In blood and sweat / A race will arise to us / Proud and generous and brutal…’ With these words, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Laron midget who sought to be 10 ft. tall by aping the Nazis, exhibited both the RACISM and SCHIZOPHRENIA that is Likud’s ZIONAZISM. Wearing uniforms made by German seamstresses, BATAR copied the “little corporal” that made so many follow him to their doom. I guess he liked how the little guy lead like a Pied Pipper an entire nation of great culture to its near doom. How then, with 6 million of Europe’s best minds as victims, can one expect the Jewish people to so soon after endorse the Party of the Laron Midget wanting to feel 10 feet tall?

    For a while, verile and manly Netanyahu was his own man; but, under the pressure of the Soviet immigrants in his cabinet he was bowed and humiliated. He has reverted to just hanging on….so much so that Sarkozy said of him what Bush said of Arafat: HE’S A LIAR and I can’t stand him. What else can Bibi do when trying to hang on to a coalition with the Zionazis?

    But don’t read Krugman’s silence as that of World Jews. With the Holocaust commemorated in high schools all over America this month, one can be sure that MOST Jews– THOUGH SILENT– vomit at what Israel has become since Soviet Jewry Inc. has turned Israel into SOVIET INC. Pleeeease, don’t misread the polite silence. In every Jewish soul there is moral rage and 60 MINUTES spoke for them all.

  3. BillVZ

    Much has been said about Ambassador Oren and his interview with Bob Simon. Watching it with the clips of the wall that surrounds the land and sites as he with near tears in his eyes, implies the myth and platitude of:

    ” If you knew everything we know, you’d think the way we do.”
    “In every generation they rise against us to destroy us” to explain the reasons behind those walls. Bob Simon must have raised his eyebrows on that one.

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