One thought on “Video: The One Percent

  1. rosemerry

    Very good film, and very courageous of Jamie Johnson to do it. His father seems such a coward in comparison; there are brave rich tycoons wh speak out and change their habits. Notice how many seem to think that all the riches they gain, however obtained, are “theirs” forever and to pass on to unproductive offspring, while Bill Gates Snr is a great improvement on his son. The sugar mogul story in Florida was new to me. Another example, like that of the billions in gov’t aid to oil companies, of all things, showing how money is taken from the poorer masses and funneled to the rich. Milton Friedman was his normal uncaring self. help the poor and you make things worse. Nobody has actually tried it lately!
    Thanks Paul for the chance to see this unusual production.

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