One thought on “Up with Chris Hayes: The drone war and Obama’s ‘kill list’

  1. Tom Hall

    A very interesting discussion. I’ll confine myself to a single point, regarding Lt. Joshua Trevino’s challenge to Jeremy Scahill of the Nation magazine, in the second video segment. Trevino cites the extensive killing of French civilians by Allied forces in the lead-in to the Normandy invasion, demanding to know whether Scahill would describe such acts as murder.
    When, as frequently happens, someone seeks to defend policies such as President Obama’s by referencing the Second World War, in which millions upon millions of human beings were bombed, gassed, shot, burned, tortured and starved to death- as a sort of benchmark by which to arrange and justify our own conduct- as a moral yardstick for the behavior of states- I want to tell that person that I know exactly where he is coming from. He is coming from Hell.
    There is no other word but “diabolical” to describe the casual, opportunistic use of the single worst crime in history as a rhetorical device to demonstrate by association an utterly warped concept of innocence.

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