The so-called ‘Democratic’ party ‘votes’ in ‘favor’ of Jerusalem as so-called ‘capital’ of Israel

The Los Angeles Times reports: Democrats sought to tamp down a pair of controversies as they gaveled open the second night of their convention Wednesday, inserting the word “God” into their platform and restating support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Both had been omitted from the original draft and Republicans had seized on the absence to question both the Democrats’ faith and their commitment to Israel.

The language was adopted as amendments to the party platform as the first order of Wednesday’s business, but not without controversy. It took three attempts to pass the language regarding Jerusalem and a subjective decision by the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to decide the change had the required support of two-thirds of the delegates. To many listeners, the voice vote seemed at least evenly divided.

That wasn’t a subjective decision. It was a shameless lie after three failures in getting the desired result.

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2 thoughts on “The so-called ‘Democratic’ party ‘votes’ in ‘favor’ of Jerusalem as so-called ‘capital’ of Israel

  1. Paul Woodward

    I did a couple of posts relating to the GOP convention.

    I doubt, however, whether there are many people coming to this site who are wrestling with the question about whether they should vote for the GOP. That’s a vote they/we have never cast and never will. The much tougher question is why we are supposed to vote Democrat.

    When Democrats turn democracy into a charade — as clearly happened during this vote on platform amendments — this isn’t inconsequential. It’s yet one more reason why on November 6 many of us will end up reluctantly voting Democrat simply to keep the Republicans out. And many of those who feel like they need something to vote for and not just against, will end up not voting at all.

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