U.S. officials ‘question Imran Khan on drones’

Al Jazeera reports: Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricketer turned politician, has been stopped by US immigration officials and questioned about his views on US drone strikes in his country, party officials have said.

Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice party (PTI), has campaigned vociferously for an end to the controversial US campaign of missile strikes against suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The 59-year-old, who was headed to New York, said he was stopped by US officials in Toronto on Friday.

“I was taken off from plane and interrogated by US Immigration in Canada on my views on drones. My stance is known. Drone attacks must stop,” he wrote on Twitter.

Khan said the delay meant he missed his flight and a party fundraising lunch in New York, but insisted “nothing will change my stance”.

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One thought on “U.S. officials ‘question Imran Khan on drones’

  1. examinator

    Of all the outrages ! Imran should have known better than to attempt riding in the big d sky bird to the “Holy Sepulchre of all that is Pure and Right”, with impure blasphemous thoughts. How dare he , questioning their holinesses’ right to bomb the sh1t out of any nation’s people simply to placate the their own political masses’ corporate conditioned paranoia .
    Perish the thought! I say. Even if Imran Khan is the leader one of Pakistan political parties, should have the utter temerity to think he has a right to be seen speaking up for his (?) people.
    Well there goes his heavenly reward, of his own pure, Jesus personally approved Multi National Corporation with supplicant slave nations. And his right to ignore morality integrity and objectivity when it suits him or his friends ….oh wait, he’s a politician. Well he has blown his pure, Jesus personally approved Multi National Corporation with supplicant slave nations

    All I can say is “the cheek of some people’s children! they just don’t show enough respect for their betters these days. It never would never have done in my day!”

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