3 thoughts on “Video: Are U.S. drone strikes a war crime?

  1. est

    not so much a war crime
    as a crime against humanity

    you can’t really call it a war
    when one side does all the killing

    but murdering know or unknown
    from high above and from far away

    that’s not war – and everyone
    involved knows it, you can be sure

  2. examinator

    To me this whole topic reads like a latter day Federico Fellini version of Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ gone wrong.
    It is clear to see why Obama has taken this line ….simply put it stops or slows the secret pictures of returning US military coffins. So unpopular with Joe and Joan Average and let’s not forget it robs the rabid peace-niks from their effective focal point.
    The USA is between a rock and a hard place.
    National Pride is based on a palpable lie. That of the 1940’s mentality, to be the biggest power in the world all they need is the biggest military to back expansionist grab of world resources. Which in turn makes them the largest economy which allows them the best living standard and the biggest military. With being the biggest the corporatist golden rule applies i.e. “he who has the gold rules!” and that means making the rules to suit that end, political expedience, obfuscation, hair spitting , deception, if all else fails claim exceptionalism. After all who is going to object to the largest military force?
    A truism of power nothing bring a disparate group together better than a common enemy. First it was communism now ….well terrorism. Pity about morality, equity and democracy that must be curbed for Security . This of course ignores the wise words ” those who sacrifice freedoms for security invariably end’s up with neither”.
    Sadly 911 and the ensuing quicksand wars clearly illustrate that.
    The problem is that the US military war machine is designed to fight massed battle field wars (so 1940’s) . the only thing they learned from Vietnam was the 1933+ Nazi
    propaganda conditioning of it’s public.
    As they say ‘after a common enemy nothing else motivates better than self interest’.
    The USA has enjoyed the fruits of their hegemonic empire and been conditioned by its media which is little short of but marginally more sophisticated than Herr Goebels.
    It should be of no surprise that this propaganda conditioning is a consequence of Corporate MSM desire for the profit and its invariable route pandering to the emotions and comfort of the masses rather than objectively showing the public an accurate reflection of it’s self rather than deliberate conspiratorial intent. That came with the political system that has been bought by those with the most to lose at the hands of change.
    The public now believe beyond almost any level of serious doubt that the health of their depends on the success of their corporation influenced government ergo their ‘lifestyle’ (to me an [dis]honorary four letter word). As the FIRST, most important, ‘exceptional’ nation.
    Under this conditioning they are Right (justified) in all they do to protect that status. It is so entrenched into the average American psyche arguing with them by presenting reality the facts simply makes one an undesirable and if severely enough believed the dissenter becomes a target for the myriad of Alphabet soup of ‘security organisations’ and maybe on some matrix. Ergo drone attacks.

    The nearest analogy is a version of the way the Japanese are (not) dealing with their WW2 atrocities in as much the core of the USA citizens never really hear objective reporting nor will they accept their compliance if not culpability for the list of atrocities done in their names.

    What isn’t discussed in this video is that because of USA’s claimed exceptionism ( i.e. it has the veto in the UN, it doesn’t accept the international court’s findings of its citizens or it’s actions and it is the biggest military) who at the end of the day is going to enforce any adverse findings?

  3. examinator

    Sorry Part two
    One should never forget “world pressure ?” is unlikely to achieve the significant changes in the core of the US voters to make any realistic changes in their foreign policy or the protectionism of their perceived rights to that exceptionalism. Objectively one only needs to consider the USSR (the only other mega power).
    Contrary to US dogma it wasn’t the skill of Reagan that caused its demise …in reality it collapsed under its own weight of military expenditure and administrative sclerosis.
    I detect the same sclerotic cracks forming in the US monolith. One only needs to look at its budget, its mounting military related cost cracks ( the drones are the other reason for their escalated deployment and proliferation) . Mankind being the perverse inventive entity it is one can or should sensibly ask how soon before there is anti drone technology …. (anti drone drones?) Micro electronic technology being what what it is, all those qualified computer/technologists that are un or under- employed in “the non US GOVERNMENT friendly nations” and with Moore’s law firmly in mind, not that long. Of course how long before crude versions are cobbled together by the disaffected are brought into play?

    The question is how many unnecessary deaths will there be before the crash or some conditioned terrified set of nut bags cause the unthinkable …keep also in mind many’s the wars that have been started by simply ramping up the tension to the point a seemingly unimportant spark sets off a set of catastrophic consequences. And no I’m not going all escalogical ….just emphasising the the point that unnecessary mass deaths are a catastrophic for for somebodies beyond the actually killed …i.e. if one of your children is caught in the cross fire how sure are you that you’d be all that philosophic. Based on the response to 911 I’d have to say the statistical probabilities are very low. Now imagine if tens of thousands/ hundreds of thousands are killed consider the exponential effects. The west has already killed hundreds of thousands it is naïve to think that ‘the others’ are all going to say “oh well the wars over so lets kiss and make up” without the afore mentioned motivator self interest.
    The video told us that stopping this back lash is too hard. What it is is ego deflating nothing more. The problems are solvable but thus far the US shows no interest in wanting to do THAT

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