Netanyahu orders his ministers not to talk about Obama

Ynet reports: US President Barack Obama’s re-election was celebrated almost everywhere around the world Wednesday, while in Israel members of the Likud party rushed to expressed their disappointment, some publicly and some anonymously.

Following the negative responses, Ynet has learned, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered all of his party’s ministers and Knesset members to avoid commenting on Obama’s re-election without coordinating their statements with the Prime Minister’s Office.

Knesset Member Danny Danon was one of the first to express his disappointment with the election results, saying that Obama cannot be trusted. “The State of Israel will not surrender to Obama. We have no one to rely on but ourselves,” he argued.

Another Likud lawmaker said that “Obama is not good for Israel and we’re concerned that he will try to pressure Israel into making concessions because of his chilly relationship with Netanyahu.”

According to a senior Likud official, the Prime Minister’s Office was alarmed by the negative reactions to Obama’s re-election, which could intensify the cold relationship between the two leaders – and therefore decided to begin damage control and prevent uncoordinated responses.

On Wednesday afternoon, the ministers’ spokespersons and advisors received text messages from Netanyahu’s office, asking them not to comment about Obama’s re-election. The Likud spokespersons were requested to stick with the statements issued by Netanyahu’s office.

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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu orders his ministers not to talk about Obama

  1. Norman

    Isn’t this called damage control? If the “O” lost, one can only guess at the jubilation that would have been led by the “Bibi”, not to mention the reward that Adelson would have passed on to the party. Poor Bibi, it just wasn’t his day. Perhaps he should be careful when the election takes place in January, he might find he’s on the losing end there too.

  2. joefiasco

    don’t forget:
    the further to the right the closer to fascism and this will prove to be your downfall. maybe you can garner supprt from the us government but not the us people. we as americans always go for the underdog, you know, there was a time when you guys were but you are now the oppressor. you (the present regime) are like a spoiled bully baby, expecting your cop father to always back you up. grow up and read your world history start with gersham scholem who said in 1915 the thought of a Jewish state we reject for we do not want a state, but rather a free society. we as jews know enough of the dreadful idolotry of the state… to pray to it and to offer our children as a willing sacrifice to its unquenchable greed and lust for power. we jews are no staatsvolk.

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