Olmert: Netanyahu interfered in U.S. elections for Sheldon Adelson

Haaretz reports: Following U.S. President Barack Obama’s victory in the American presidential elections, on Wednesday former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of blatantly interfering in favor of Republican nominee Mitt Romney, adding that he did so in the name of Netanyahu and Romney-backer Sheldon Adelson.

“This represents a significant breach of the basic rules governing ties between nations, made worse by the fact that these are allies like Israel and the United States,” Olmert said during a meeting with the heads of New York’s Jewish community.

Olmert, who’s weighing whether or not to make a return to politics and run in the upcoming elections opposite Netanyahu, was asked by one of those attending the meeting whether or not the Israeli public was disturbed by the fact that the premier intervened in the U.S. presidential campaign.

“The prime minister has a right to prefer one candidate over another,” Olmert said, adding, however, that it was “better, obviously, if he kept it to himself. What took place this time was a breaking of all the rules, when our prime minister intervened in the U.S. elections in the name of an American billionaire with a clear interest in the vote.”

During the U.S. presidential elections, Adelson donated over $100 million to Romney’s campaign, announcing that it was his goal to take Obama out of the White House. “The very same billionaire used Israel’s prime minister to advance a nominee of his own for president,” Olmert told Jewish leaders in New York. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Olmert: Netanyahu interfered in U.S. elections for Sheldon Adelson

  1. Norman

    As the old saying goes, “payback is a bitch”. Perhaps Adelson & Bibi could do a duet on a nuke, just like in that movie Dr. Strangelove, when Slim Pickens played Maj. King Cong.

  2. est

    this brings to mind
    this man terrified

    i remember him
    running to hide

    duct tape and plastic
    gas masks and

    all the rest – that
    ain’t no happiness

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