Israel feels heat from Europe over settlements?

The Associated Press reports: Israel’s decision to approve 3,000 new homes on occupied territory drew sharp condemnation from European allies on Monday, with at least three governments summoning ambassadors to express their disapproval of an action they say undermines an already troubled peace process.

The Israeli envoy to Paris was called to a meeting late Monday morning, according to a statement from the French foreign ministry spokesman, Philippe Lalliot. France, which was the first major European country to announce support for the Palestinian effort to win recognition at the U.N., also sent a letter to the Israeli government, calling the settlement decision “a considerable obstacle to the two-state solution.”

Britain and Sweden also summoned the Israeli ambassadors, and Germany said the decision would hurt Israel’s ability to negotiate a long-term peace agreement.

None of the European governments openly threatened any concrete measures to punish Israel.

Earlier, Haaretz reported a senior European diplomat saying: “This time it won’t just be a condemnation, there will be real action taken against Israel.”

Is huffing and puffing, real action? So far it just looks like the familiar ritual of condemnation. For Israel to really feel the heat will require more than stern disapproval being expressed to a couple of Israeli ambassadors.

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2 thoughts on “Israel feels heat from Europe over settlements?

  1. DE Teodoru

    It feels the heat but the Holocaust Psychosis of the Zionazis will render them insane to think that their Nazi-like behavior is life-or-death behavior. The world should ramp down its welfare check gradually, starting the the mass of luxuries the West gives it as penance for WWII or to buy off Jewish votes domestically, so it realizes that Zionazism doesn’t pay. The result may be an accelerated Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the neighborhood and, in the worst case scenario, Israel nuking Iran using Iranian nuclear research as an excuse for a Holocaustian show of force to the nw wave of Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Muslim World. We may soon see how really incompetent BS were the Mossad assassins all over the world except in the democratic West. Those who care for Israelis as a people– Diaspora Jews and Westerners– ought to start tightening the thumb screws of the psychos and shysters ruling Israel NOW!!!

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