Laying bare the facts about Netanyahu and the settlements

Lara Friedman writes: On December 31, 2012, Time Magazine published an article entitled, “The West Bank’s 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement.” Earlier this week, the Israeli Peace Now movement released a new report that makes a case for a different title: 2009-2013: the Years of the Israeli Settlements. The new report (which I co-authored) details the Netanyahu government’s record on settlements over the course of its past 4 years in office. The results are incontrovertible: by every objective measure, the Netanyahu government has demonstrated that it is determined to use settlements to destroy the very possibility of the two-state solution.

Peace Now documents how, under the Netanyahu government, constructed started on 6867 new units in settlements. More than one-third of these starts were in settlements located east of the planned route of Israel’s separation barrier—areas that it cannot plausibly be argued will remain under Israeli control after a Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. In the years preceding the Netanyahu government, only 20 percent of new construction was in settlements in these areas. Much of this new construction was triggered by the Netanyahu government, which tacitly encouraged settlers to begin new construction in the period leading up the 10-month settlement “moratorium” and then insisted that such construction must be allowed to continue during the moratorium.

Peace Now also documents the record number of tenders for new construction in settlements issued under the Netanyahu government, following the expiration of the settlement “moratorium.” We’re talking about tenders for 5302 new units in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem—a number that erases the impact of the moratorium. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Laying bare the facts about Netanyahu and the settlements

  1. DE Teodoru

    Netanyahu proved to be the slime so many said he is. As an advocate of an economic union between Israel and Palestine he advocated for full economic integration despite the problems with HAMAS. When the Stalinists in his cabinet threatened him he became the “fixer” who would trade on his surprise image as “Mr Two-States, One-Economy” to eradicate Palestine from the face of the Earth. As he made slimmy “Holocaust” Speech after “Holocaust” speech he sought to use the same means as Hitler in Poland to erradicate the Poles in trying to eradicate Palestine, now as he servant of the Stalinists. One now is left with only two choices if one is a Zionist: “Zionazi” or “Ziostalinist.”

    There is no doubt that Obama will be forced to act as the Middle East is once again becoming a land of a billion people ready to die to avenge the victims of the Israeli guided American HOLOCAUST in the Middle East and South Asia. When a people are more devoted to removing the “infidels” from their land than you are to steal it, the only means at hand are mass-killing weapons. Israel though GW Bush stupid enough for them to maneuver as its mass-murderer. But the generals at the Pentagon rose up against their Zionist and neocons masters to give Bush the spine to say: “NO MORE.” to Israel. As Obama came to office, Israel did its own Czechoslovakia replay, confident that Obama would be a black Chamberlain. Forced to postpone dealing with the Middle East, Obama left it to fester while the Zionazis and neocons grafted on to their fellow racist/fascist Right Wing crazies, then gathered by the rich as a “Tea Party,” heavily funded to do as the rich had funded Herr Hitler: create parliamentarian chaos and paralysis so that everyone would welcome their “restitution” of order through trampling on DEMOCRACY.

    Netanyahu is the dirtiest of them all as he knew better and, upon re-election, was determined to do better, only to fall prey to the Zionzis and Ziostalinists. The Chaos Fascists in Congress failed, falling flat on their faces, as fascism cannot be imposed without military support and no generals at the Pentagon will support the Tea Party attempt to substitute cash for votes as a way of getting power for the 1%.

    Worst still, Israel lost the allegiance of World Jewry, though Diaspora Jews have chosen, for the most part, to remain silent on the principle of above all do no harm. Worst still, with the decline of the world economy, Israel’s welfare check from the USG and Diasporics shrank and the best of Israelis are still leaving for life abroad. All that’s left are the shysters and habitual parasites who sold their Jewish morality for land, houses and cash…The life of luxury promised in exchange for the bundling of their votes can be no more as there isn’t anyone to pay for it among the Israeli shyster leaders with large bank accounts abroad, just like the Arab leaders the US has been supporting. Israel is poor because, while the sabras did the fighting, the immigrants did he stealing. Anemic America cannot give an adequate transfusion, especially as Israel is trying to pressure it into war with Iran as it did into war with Iraq.

    An old East Euro expression criticizing Jews goes: JEWS DON’T KNOW HOW TO WIN. I other words, inebriated with such chutzpah that they want to humiliate and trample on the ground those they defeat in arguments (just like Arabs are said to be). While this is definitely not the case with Jews as a whole nor with most Jewish individuals, it is more inclined to be their East Euro trait just like their fellow non-Jewish East Euros. It seems very much characteristic of the Soviets that in-fluxed into Israel. All their successes drive them to demand the impossible so that their reward will be double: winning what they want as well as utter humiliation of their opponents (like the notion of “bring me back 10,000 foreskins” from the dead in the Old Testament). This will force Obama’s hand as he finds himself in the path of an Arab Rage tsunami, which Israel as as member of the Middle East family could have re-routed, leading the Arab Spring towards modernization and prosperity instead of the current blood lust. Alas, Netanyahu– THOUGH HE DID SEE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO IN SERVICE OF THE GRAD PLAN FOR ISRAEL SECURE AND PROSPERING IN HE MIDDLE EAST– chickened out, lacking his brother’s courage. Instead he whined about the Holocaust in global forums to cover-up his capitulation to the Ziostalinist ganovs controlling him. If Israel dies– GOD FORBID– the tombstone should read: DIED BECAUSE ITS VISION WAS BLINDED BY AVARICE AND LACK OF COURAGE TO STAND UP TO THE SOVIET INVADERS. What could be so sad: The only hope is that, once re-elected, Netanyahu will combine with the forward looking Israelis and follow HIS OWN PLAN for regional modernization and economic integration.

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