3 thoughts on “Video — Daniel Barenboim: A musical path to peace

  1. Norman

    I remember when I was in Grammar school, back in the ’40’s, we were treated to at least 2 concerts with the San Francisco Opera. It remains to this day in my memory, even though it took place so long ago. Classical music, indeed, leaves/touches the very soul, as does most native songs from every country today.

  2. Dr. Julia H. Graddy

    I have a dream: that starting next January 1 (Day of Peace, started by the Catholic Church), all who are at war will declare a cease-fire for one week. During that week everyone who does not want war in this world will pray that God will help us find peaceful solutions to present conflicts. At the very least I believe it would take the backing of the Catholic Pope and Church, the UN, and heads of all religions and nations at war. Only God can change our world systems. If this doesn’t work to set this planet on the right track, then the following year, a one-month cease-fire could be declared. These cooling off periods are necessary to convert the desire to war into the desire for peace. Too many innocent people are being killed, misplaced and desolate from the effects of war. Please pray!

    Please consider planning a musical peace initiative on or after the first week in January, 2014. This world needs a different mind-set and heart for others. You can still be influential in nurturing this. Thank you so much for all you have already done!

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