Video: Gideon Levy — going against the grain

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  1. Anyone looking for the real snake in the grass should be reading Noam Chomsky — or someone who basically shares his views, Chas Freeman. His contribution to the recent MEPC conference on US policy in the Middle East (or the lack of one) pretty much says it all:

    Freeman is the second speaker on this transcript.

  2. A moving portrait of an incredible man, a man who retains all his humanity, his empathy for the millions of “others” around him, and continues to gaze at the awful injustice around him so that he can hold it up, in all its vulgarity and ugliness, for all to see. People who combine adherence to those principles with sustained and deliberate action are rare indeed; Gideon should be commended for his steadfast righteousness in the midst of an ever-growing fervent atmosphere of nationalism, banal brutality, and outright lunacy.

    “If the truth is radical, then my writings will be radical as well. I think reality is radical.” Gideon Levy (31:10)

    An exemplary human being.

  3. America is as responsible as Israel. We back them, supply them with weapons and, essentially, kiss their ass on a daily basis. The majority of Americans are guilty as they could care less about what happens to anyone, anywhere as long as they can have what they want. Israel is as guilty as Nazi Germany and so are we.

  4. I wish I could sit beside Levy as they spew insults at him- just sit there with him…..

  5. What happens in Palestine is a heartbreaking story which the world watches in indifference. This is why the Jewish people who manage to overcome their own Jewish complexion and ethnic and clannish filiation, are so much worthy of praise and admiration. Mr. Levy is a great human being. Another viewer, Aditya, expressed this wonderfully earlier in the comments.