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“I check out War in Context daily. It’s an invaluable ‘ally’ in my own work. It has just what I want from a political website: a sharp-as-tacks editor with a great eye for riveting writing and reportage from around the world that I might otherwise miss, a way of framing our world that increases my understanding and makes me look at it differently, and an idiosyncratic, original way of taking that world in. It’s a great package. The focus on the Greater Middle East and on American power (but with regular treats and surprises beyond those subjects) seals the deal for me. What more could I ask for?”
Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch, author of The United States of Fear and End of Victory Culture.

As an independent news editor and commentator, I use my own judgment. I don’t bow to anyone — not to governments, or political parties, or corporations, or the mainstream media, or advertisers, or think tanks, or academia, or popular opinion, or ideology, or the blogosphere, or social media, or even my own readership.

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