Sanctions may be speeding Iran’s nuclear advancement

Christian Science Monitor reports: Even Iranian officials now admit that the US-led sanctions regime against Iran is damaging its economy.

But the pressure has failed in its primary aim: to slow Iran’s nuclear progress. That has become obvious to the US and European officials imposing crippling sanctions, as has the fact that sanctions may have even sped up Iran’s nuclear advancement.

A report released today – based on 30 in-depth interviews with Iranian officials, analysts, and businessmen – explains that dilemma and Iran’s determined defiance to Western policymakers, who will conduct a fifth round of nuclear negotiations with Iran in Kazakhstan next week.

The report’s conclusions provide a rare glimpse from high levels in Iran of how sanctions have and have not worked, which could directly affect decisions by Western nuclear negotiators, and a US Congress keen on adding more sanctions, but reluctant to offer enough sanctions relief to convince Iran to stop its most sensitive nuclear work. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Sanctions may be speeding Iran’s nuclear advancement

  1. Norman

    This whole exercise is utter nonsense, to make one country’s population suffer because another can’t rise above being the bully on the block. At some point, things will fall apart, just as the other countries in the M.E. are doing. The idea that the west can instill their will on these people for no other reason than exploitation, will lead to the downfall in the end.

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