54% of Americans polled say Snowden did a ‘good thing’

Time reports: More than half of Americans approve of a former intelligence contractor’s decision to leak classified details of sprawling government surveillance programs, according to the results of a new TIME poll.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said the leaker, Edward Snowden, 29, did a “good thing” in releasing information about the government programs, which collect phone, email, and Internet search records in an effort, officials say, to prevent terrorist attacks. Just 30 percent disagreed.

But an almost identical number of Americans — 53 percent — still said he should be prosecuted for the leak, compared to 28% who said he should not. Americans aged 18 to 34 break from older generations in showing far more support for Snowden’s actions. Just 41 percent of that cohort say he should face charges, while 43 percent say he should not. Just 19 percent of that age group say the leak was a “bad thing.”

TIME POLL 6-12-13

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One thought on “54% of Americans polled say Snowden did a ‘good thing’

  1. delia ruhe

    So much for the Republican demand for small government. Big government is fine, so long as nobody tells Republicans what that government is doing to them.

    When did Americans get so stupid?

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