Edward Snowden is irrelevant

Ron Fournier writes: Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? I don’t care. You read right: I don’t give a whit about the man who exposed two sweeping U.S. online surveillance programs, nor do I worry much about his verdict in the court of public opinion.

Why? Because it is the wrong question. The Snowden narrative matters mostly to White House officials trying to deflect attention from government overreach and deception, and to media executives in search of an easy storyline to serve a celebrity-obsessed audience. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Edward Snowden is irrelevant

  1. BillVZ

    Thanks for this Paul….
    “this guy” despite his lack of proper education and mere ‘It’ status has earned media news proliferation. Only in America. I join with all who thank him and wish him well in the times ahead.

  2. delia ruhe

    Yes, Snowden is irrelevant, but making the messenger the message as a way of deflecting attention from the real message has become so routine that Snowden realized he had to arrange things so that he could at least have the opportunity to get his side of the story out. However, about half of all Americans still think he should have volunteered for the Bradley Manning treatment.

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