Rebels kill dozens in Syrian Shiite village

The Wall Street Journal reports: Sunni rebels tore through a Shiite village in eastern Syria, killing dozens while documenting the rampage with videos broadcast Wednesday, and a Syrian military helicopter struck a pro-rebel Sunni town in Lebanon, in incidents that sharpened the sectarian divisions across Syria and beyond.

Mortars and rockets from Syria have landed across the Lebanese border before, but the air attack on Wednesday appeared to be the first in which a Syrian aircraft struck from within Lebanese airspace.

Both incidents bore repercussions from the victory last week by Syrian forces and fighters from the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah over the strategic town of Qusayr, near the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah’s pivotal role in Qusayr drew condemnation from Sunni governments and Sunni religious leaders across the region, as the Syrian civil war becomes a focal point for the centuries-old feud between the two rival sects of Islam.

After the battle, some Hezbollah fighters patrolled Qusayr brandishing Shiite banners and blaring Shiite chants from vehicles, underscoring sectarian motivations driving the conflict.

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  1. Norman

    And these people are the one the “O” wants to give arms to? How does the saying go: “careful what you wish for”, or perhaps “writing checks your backside can’t cover”.

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