Torture continues at Guantánamo under Obama’s watch

The Guardian reports: Increasingly brutal tactics are being used in an attempt to break the hunger strike by detainees at Guantánamo Bay, according to fresh testimony from the last British resident still held in the camp.

Shaker Aamer claims that the US authorities are systematically making the regime more hardline to try to defuse the strike, which now involves almost two-thirds of the detainees. Techniques include making cells “freezing cold” to accentuate the discomfort of those on hunger strike and the introduction of “metal-tipped” feeding tubes, which Aamer said were forced into inmates’ stomachs twice a day and caused detainees to vomit over themselves.

The 46-year-old from London tells of one detainee who was admitted to hospital 10 days ago after a nurse had pushed the tube into his lungs rather than his stomach, causing him later to cough up blood. Aamer also alleges that some nurses at Guantánamo Bay are refusing to wear their name tags in order to prevent detainees registering abuse complaints against staff.

Speaking last week from the camp in Cuba, exactly four months after he joined the hunger strike, Aamer said: “The administration is getting ever more angry and doing everything they can to break our hunger strike. Honestly, I wish I was dead.” [Continue reading…]

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports: Calls for the doctors who force-feed hunger-striking prisoners at Guantánamo Bay to refuse to perform the practice on ethical grounds have got nowhere, a spokesman for the prison said on Thursday.

No doctors, nurses or corpsman had balked at feeding the prisoners or even voiced a concern about the military’s policy of using what’s known as enteral feeding to prevent any of the hunger strikers starving to death, said Navy Captain Robert Durand.

“They signed up to carry out lawful orders,” Durand said. “This is a lawful order.”

The hunger strike at the US base in Cuba is nearing a fourth month amid increasing pressure on the defence department to reconsider its response to the protest.

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One thought on “Torture continues at Guantánamo under Obama’s watch

  1. Master Adrian

    Force-feeding hungerstrikers is per definition torture, as decided upon by the United Nations, adding to that practice extra means and ways of torture is increasingly adding to the crimes against humanity by the Obama administration!
    What comes to mind is, who are supplying the tubes and other materials used in the force-feeding of the hunger-strikers anyway? What companies are contributing to the suffering of people incarcerated innocently?
    Isn’t it about time that those who and that are aiding abetting to crimes against humanity are exposed and shamed? And also held accountable for the crimes?

    I think it is time to make sure that the Obama administration will be deprived from companies willing to supply the material and instruments that add to the suffering innocently incarcerated human beings!

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