Washington Post ignores threat to national security and publishes new NSA slides

Back in early June when the Washington Post published four slides from the NSA’s PowerPoint presentation on PRISM, reporter Barton Gellman wrote: “If you saw all the slides you wouldn’t publish them” — even though Edward Snowden had pressed the Post to publish all 41 slides.

Now, in spite of Gellman’s insinuation that publication of any of the remaining slides could undermine national security, the Post has gone ahead and published four new slides.

Does this reflect newly found boldness on the part of the paper’s editors? Unlikely. Much more likely is that the Washington Post is now publishing classified information at the request of the NSA.

So, when the information in question is information the public needs to know, the Post is reluctant to publish it. But when the government decides that the release of the same information will now serve its own interests, then the Post is only too happy to oblige.

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3 thoughts on “Washington Post ignores threat to national security and publishes new NSA slides

  1. Norman

    Interesting that you bring this up. I read today a post from Naomi Wolf, dated 6-15-13, that she feels Mr Snowden is a “false flag/plant by the Government, because he’s “too” polished in his whistle blowing. Considering this is the 1st time I’ve seen this post of hers, she could be either producing such, laying the groundwork for a future novel, or maybe even both. Regardless, we the people are left ignorant to what’s going on around us save for the P.R. the press serves up via the government.

  2. Paul Woodward

    NW’s speculation falls under the category: wacko conspiracy theories. She got lost in the cosmetics of the story without presenting a credible explanation as to why the government would want all this classified information to enter the public domain. Maybe that new NSA data center in Arizona is an empty warehouse. And maybe they have no mass surveillance capabilities. Maybe this was all a trick to make us believe they watch everything when in fact they can see nothing. And maybe there was no moon landing.

  3. Norman

    I thought the new NSA data center was in Utah? Of course, perhaps we’re speaking of two different entities, or maybe I should just call it a day and go back to bed!

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