One thought on “Video: Mehdi Hasan debates Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan

  1. BillVZ

    If you did a poll on Americans, that the Palestinians are without citizenship rights, almost none of them would know this. Nor do most Americans know that the tragic plight of the Palestinians is not only because of the settlements and the fanatical settlers. There is only one Zionist Israel- its borders are the Mediterranean and River Jordan. The land belongs to them.

    The extremely clever Mr. Dagan, despite a bit of stubborn, understandable delusion about events of 1948 and 1967, early on shows where he is coming from: “the settlements with all its land/water grabbing, tree destruction, walls, checkpoints and general demeaning of the Palestinians are all for security, to free their people from the fear of the dream of Islam to annihilate the Jewish people”.

    I found this an very informative video post. Meddi Hasan was just terrific in his role. May I suggest that to really appreciate what went on- to take the time and re- view Miko Peled’s, author of The General’s Son great video.

    Sorry for the lateness of this opinion entry.

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