Global opposition to U.S. drone strikes

Pew Research Global Attitudes Project: In most of the nations polled, there continues to be extensive opposition to the American drone campaign against extremist leaders and organizations. In 31 nations, at least half disapprove of the U.S. conducting drone missile strikes targeting extremists in places such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. At least three-in-four hold this view in 15 countries from all corners of the world, including nations from the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The only three countries where majorities support the drone campaign are Israel (64% approve), Kenya (56%), and the U.S. itself (61%). In the U.S., Republicans (69% approve) are especially likely to endorse this policy, although most independents (60%) and Democrats (59%) also approve.

Opinions on this issue are essentially divided in Australia, Canada and Germany. German support for U.S. drone attacks has actually risen slightly since last year – today, 45% approve, compared with 38% in 2012. Although most in France still oppose the drone strikes, support has also increased there, rising from 37% last year to 45% now. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Global opposition to U.S. drone strikes

  1. Bob Nesbit

    Residents of Deer Park, Colorado have put a bounty on drones. Residents who successfully shoot down a drone will recieve a prize from the city government. Contestants are encouraged to use only shotguns and must provide proof that they’ve successfully bagged a drone. Residents who bring drone parts to city hall will collect a $25 reward. If a whole drone carcass is brought to city hall the shooter will collect $100. Residents hope the contest will revive the hard times prospects of this dusty, western outpost. However, the city councilman who proposed the measure said his intent was to call attention to a serious threat to American civil liberties.

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