Helen Thomas 1920-2013

Helen Thomas died today at the age of 92.

Bloomberg reports: In 2012, Palestinian leaders gave Thomas an award for her career. According to an account in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a magazine critical of U.S. foreign policy in the region, Thomas told supporters at the Virginia home of Maen Areikat, the top Palestinian envoy to the U.S., that she accepted the honor “on behalf of brave supporters of Palestinians who have taken an unpopular stand despite the personal and professional costs.”

In 2010, Thomas described the way she was betrayed by the White House press corps — many of whose members will today be stepping up to offer their vacuous words of praise.

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One thought on “Helen Thomas 1920-2013

  1. Donna Bubb

    Helen Thomas is a great American hero: a wonderful model of American womanhood honest, humble, courageous, and genuine in her profession as a journalist. Let all of us
    who love and respect her bid our own goodbyes. All you who reviled her shut up in shame for your selfish stupidity especially you in political office — we don’t want to hear your empty words. Rest in peace, Helen.

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