Oversight board urges updated surveillance rules

The Associated Press reports: An independent oversight board reviewing secret government surveillance programs warned the Obama administration that national security agencies’ rules governing surveillance are outdated and need to be revised to reflect rapid advances in technology.

The chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, David Medine, wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, urging that rules governing collection and retention of data about U.S. citizens be updated to “appropriately capture both the evolution of technology and the roles and capabilities of the intelligence community since 9/11.”

Medine said Friday that his letter, sent Thursday, was an attempt to prod national security officials into taking “a fresh look” at surveillance protocols. The National Security Agency and other departments have based their surveillance activities on a 1981 executive order that still governs much of the nation’s intelligence collections.

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One thought on “Oversight board urges updated surveillance rules

  1. Norman

    Taking a fresh look. . . . . ! Perhaps they might start with dismantling the worldwide military base conglomerate, the sooner the better, retiring the excess of Military officers to the golf courses, instead of the boardrooms of the Military/Industrial Cabal that is in use today. If they-the officers-decline to do so, then the loss of military retirement until age 65, similar to collecting S.S. like everyone else, should be invoked. Of course, this is a fools thoughts, as everyone knows that fools don’t count, unless you’re a politician.

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