Syria says it will let U.N. inspect alleged chemical-attack sites

The Los Angeles Times reports: The Syrian government agreed Sunday to allow United Nations inspectors to visit the sites of suspected chemical-weapon attacks outside Damascus, the official Syrian news agency said.

Syrian officials and the U.N. “have agreed to a mutual understanding that enters into force immediately allowing the U.N. inspection team to investigate” the sites of the recent alleged attacks, the state media outlet said in a statement.

The reported accord comes as U.S. officials were said to be preparing for a possible military strike on Syria in retaliation for the government’s alleged use of chemical weapons. President Obama met with his top security advisers this weekend about the Syria crisis.

A 20-member contingent of U.N. inspectors is already on the ground in Damascus, but the team’s official mandate was limited to looking into three previous allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria. Sunday’s agreement would seem to open the way for the experts to visit several areas near the capital where chemical weapons allegedly struck last week.

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3 thoughts on “Syria says it will let U.N. inspect alleged chemical-attack sites

  1. dickerson3870

    RE: “Syria says it will let U.N. inspect alleged chemical-attack sites”

    MY COMMENT: According to Paul Woodward’s “logic”, this proves that the Assad regime was not responsible for the chemical attack (similar to Assad’s refusal proving his guilt).

  2. Norman

    Considering the total cast of players here, it sure seems that one or more are doing their damnedest to sucker the “O” into using U.S. Military action, which will end up costing the U.S. in many more ways than one. I can’t help but have the feeling-gut-that there’s more than what is presented here, behind the scenes so to speak. Looking at the region, what could it be that others may have their eye upon-covet, that requires regime change in Syria?

  3. Paul Woodward

    Let’s suppose toxic chemicals had been released by a party other than the armed forces under the Syrian government’s control — rebels, CIA operatives, Israeli commandos, extraterrestrials or whoever — why would Assad hesitate for one second to send UN inspectors to the site where they could quickly gather evidence?

    Instead he stalls. First he claims that chemicals have been found in tunnels — a claim that could have been verified by the inspectors he kept out. Then the US sends battleships in Syria’s direction. Then the president of Iran condemns the use of chemical weapons — although he doesn’t make any accusations about who used them. And during all of this the Syrian army keeps pounding the area with artillery fire.

    Having stalled for five days during which time chemicals will have dispersed and broken down, Assad then says the inspectors can visit the site. Still, the forces of evil vilify the poor man. Maybe it’s time for those who believe Assad is the victim of an American conspiracy to stand up in his defense. Go to Damascus! Offer yourselves as human shields.

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