Cameron says no ‘single smoking piece of intelligence’ that Assad regime used chemical weapons

The Guardian reports: A British military attack on Syria will have to be a “judgment call” as there is no “single smoking piece of intelligence” that the regime used chemical weapons, David Cameron said at the beginning of the emergency Commons debate on Syria.

Arguing in favour of military intervention, the prime minister said he believed that forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad did use poisonous gas against the Syrian people “right in front of our eyes”.

Cameron told MPs there were at least 95 “horrific videos” of people dying in a gas attack in a suburb of Damascus two weeks ago, and added there was further evidence in the form of witness and social media reports.

However, the prime minister did concede that there could be no 100% certainty about the intelligence on which Britain would have to make a decision on whether to intervene in Syria. [Continue reading…]

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