Video: Children inside the Syrian revolution

f13-iconThe following documentary has been shown on television in the UK and Canada. It focuses on the experiences of children who are growing up in the shattered remains of Aleppo. Watch it while you can — it may not remain on YouTube for long.

“The law of war in Syria is that the closer you are to your enemy, the safer you are from air attacks, missiles and tanks.”


He said to me, “Mum, don’t be sad if I become a martyr.” … I said, “We’ll all be martyrs one day but you’re still too young my son.”


What happened to this town?
A child was martyred.
What did he do wrong?

Keep away soldiers!
Don’t obey this tyrant!
Free… free… freedom.


“I will protest here and I will die here.”

“We were raised in Syria. We were born here. We stayed here. The regime killed us here. We lost people here. We lost dear ones here. It is us who defend our town.”

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