Glenn Greenwald denies selling NSA documents

n13-iconPolitico reports: Writer Glenn Greenwald charged Tuesday that claims by U.S. officials that he’s selling National Security Agency documents are wrong and that those officials are pursuing a campaign that could criminalize the practice of journalism.

“I’m never selling documents,” Greenwald said in an interview. “I don’t get money and give them documents, like, ‘Hey, nice doing business with you.’”

Greenwald said he has worked with news outlets around the globe to publicize newsworthy aspects of the documents Edward Snowden copied while working for the NSA in Hawaii. However, Greenwald said he and others working with him supply the foreign outlets with proposed articles and are not “fencing stolen material,” as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) argued at a hearing Tuesday.

“We do the reporting first… I vet the stories,” Greenwald said. “We come with the story already formed. We work on drafts of the story. We always edit the story. We have approval rights.”

Greenwald, who is an attorney, acknowledged insisting on freelance contracts in order to supply the stories. However, he said that is itself a legal precaution aimed at ensuring that authorities treat him as a journalist and not as a source. Traditionally, sources have sometimes been subject to prosecution for disclosing secret documents, while the government has shied away from prosecuting those who act as journalists or publishers. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “Glenn Greenwald denies selling NSA documents

  1. Norman

    Disinformation is part of the makeup of the government bureaucracy, especially when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Lies, lies, nothing but lies. If there was any integrity left with Congress, perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing this today. One thing is for sure, governing/running a country, has taken on the aspects of the pictures we see from the LHC, the collision of atoms.

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