New York Times op-ed ‘The Dustbowl Returns’ never mentions climate change

o13-iconJoe Romm writes: In yet another example of how the New York Times is mis-covering the story of the century, it published an entire op-ed on the return of the Dust Bowl with no mention whatsoever of climate change.

It stands in sharp contrast to the coverage of the connection between climate change and extreme weather other leading news outlets and science journals. Consider the BBC’s Sunday article on the epic deluges hitting the UK, “Met Office: Evidence ‘suggests climate change link to storms’.” Consider the journal Nature, which back in 2011 asked me to write an article on the link between climate change and “Dust-bowlification”…

As James Hansen told me two weeks ago, “Increasingly intense droughts in California, all of the Southwest, and even into the Midwest have everything to do with human-made climate change.” [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “New York Times op-ed ‘The Dustbowl Returns’ never mentions climate change

  1. Peter Belmont

    NYT ignores many things as a matter of policy (and stupidity).

    Didn’t mention Climate Change — the #2 inconvenient truth?
    Never mentions stories out of Israel/Palestine that do not favor Israel — the #1 inconvenient truths.
    Doesn’t talk much about corporate control of capitalist countries (oligarchy replaces democracy) — inconvenient truth #3.

    Those are my old orderings, because I am passionate about Palestine.

    But in reality, the most serious problem is #3 (oligarchy) because it is causing #2 (climate change) to go unmitigate by USA. And #1, Palestine, is only important to a few folks. Sadly.
    Watch for Supreme Court’s next “Citizens United” decision to see if they expand mor contract corporate and billionaire political power in the USA.

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