New Syrian chemical-arms removal plan slammed

n13-iconAl Jazeera reports: Syria has submitted a new 100-day plan for the removal of its chemical weapons after failing to meet a February 5 deadline, but the international mission overseeing the operation believes it can be done in a shorter timeframe, diplomats have said.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) executive committee met on Friday in The Hague to discuss the joint OPCW and UN mission amid growing international frustration at Damascus falling behind on its commitments, the Reuters news agency reported.

The Syrian government, locked in a three-year-old war with rebels seeking President Bashar al-Assad’s overthrow, failed to meet the February 5 OPCW deadline to move all of its declared chemical substances and precursors out of the country. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “New Syrian chemical-arms removal plan slammed

  1. Norman

    All things considered and I’m not really in a position to know the true facts, but isn’t there a war-civil or otherwise-taking place in Syria today? Taking it a step further, the transportation of said chemicals have to go through the different areas that aren’t under the Syrian Army’s control, putting the security in the hands of those forces fighting the Government forces. What’s to prevent those other forces from capturing or blowing up the vehicle[s] carrying the chemicals, then blaming the Government for the results?

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