Obama announces new U.S. sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

Reuters reports: U.S. President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against some Russians on Monday to stop President Vladimir Putin from fomenting the rebellion in eastern Ukraine, but said he was holding broader measures against Russia’s economy “in reserve.”

On the ground, pro-Moscow rebels showed no sign of curbing their uprising, seizing public buildings in another town in the east. Interfax news agency reported that the mayor of a further major eastern city, Kharkiv, had been shot and was undergoing an operation. It gave no details of the shooting.

Germany demanded Russia act to help secure the release of seven unarmed European military monitors, including four Germans, who have been held by the rebels since Friday.

The new U.S. sanctions, to be outlined in detail later on Monday, will add more people and firms to a list announced last month of figures whose assets are frozen and who are denied visas to travel to the United States. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Obama announces new U.S. sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

  1. josieamilburn

    The future calls for nations to get together to solve the climate changes which will bring societal and financial changes, big time, and I wonder how we will accomplish this with all the spite, hubris, juvenile, imperialist and just plain stupid activity taking place with the so called United Nations. Enough of the rhetoric and the ideology, we are making a mockery of history, let’s get real.

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