Humanitarian aid situation in Syria deteriorating, United Nations warns

The Washington Post reports: A U.N. Security Council resolution that passed with great fanfare nearly two months ago has done little to facilitate the shipment of humanitarian aid to a quarter of a million Syrians under siege in their country’s civil war, the top U.N. aid official said Wednesday.

“Far from getting better, the situation is getting worse,” Valerie Amos, the undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, said after briefing the council. “All parties” in Syria are guilty of violating “the most fundamental human rights” of civilians and disregarding “the basic tenets of international law,” she said.

The situation is particularly severe in Aleppo, where a U.N. team was unable over the past week to get aid to civilians cut off from assistance since the government began a military campaign in the fall to retake rebel-held areas. [Continue reading…]

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