The man who gave Ukraine’s army 1,000 bulletproof vests

David Patrikarakos reports: “What you have to understand is that the state as a European or an American understands it, doesn’t exist in Ukraine,” Yuri told me on a sunny afternoon in Kiev two weeks ago.

As Ukraine continues to grapple with insurrection within its own borders, its military has become the most visible and important instrument of the new government — and it’s failing badly.

Despite the launch of an anti-terror operation last month, its army has yet to clear pro-Russia separatists from the buildings they occupy in cities across eastern Ukraine. But this is hardly surprising because soldiers are woefully underprepared. They lack basic equipment, medicine and even food.

That’s partly why Yuri, a 40-year-old IT investor, turned to Facebook when he wanted to help give his country a fighting chance. [Continue reading…]

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