The world’s failure to address the root causes of al Qaeda led to ISIS

Hassan Hassan writes: This past week was one of drawing parallels. Saudi Arabia’s top cleric condemned Isis’s behaviour, but authorities there have beheaded at least 19 convicts since 4 August. Many of those who condemned the summary execution of Isis rivals celebrated Hamas’s execution of 18 suspected informants. While the world’s attention was focused on Isis, a like-minded Shia militia attacked a Sunni mosque in the Iraqi province of Diyala on Friday, killing nearly 70 worshippers. This militia is linked to the government and has fought alongside the security forces against Isis.

The American defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, warned last Thursday that Isis is “beyond anything that we’ve seen before”. And yet the causes that led to the rise of Isis are all too familiar. And the Americans have contributed their share to these causes.

Isis thrive on the inconsistencies and injustices that plague the region. A response to Isis cannot involve, for example, working with a government-linked militia that indiscriminately kills worshippers, while rhetorically recognising that a credible and viable political process is necessary for Iraq. Nor does it involve flirting with the Assad regime to fight Isis after it killed or caused the death of close to 200,000 people. The battle against Isis, which itself came on the heels of failure to address the root causes of al-Qaida before it, has to be far-reaching and consistent. Otherwise, the defeat of Isis will only give way to an even more extreme and formidable force.

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2 thoughts on “The world’s failure to address the root causes of al Qaeda led to ISIS

  1. Robert

    There was no “failure” to address ISIS or Al Qaeda, Hassan. Both groups were the creations of Empire for its own purposes.

    Sadly for the Obamanation his very own Frankenstein monster ISIS, has broken its chains and is now running amok in the Levant. Now that it grabbed some oil and thus had independent financing it is pretending that it is a super power.

    Not so. In Iraq the oil will be taken away from them and without the Gulf States behind them they will run out of funding.

    But it is not as if Washington doesn’t still love ISIS. It is just pissed off at its rebellious leadership. Once ISIS has a regime and probably a name change (for marketing purposes) everything will be just fine.

    Back on the leash Beast.

    And please Hassan don’t take Washington’s propaganda all that seriously. Think of your blood pressure.

  2. rosemerry

    Hamas’s execution of 18 suspected informants.
    Of course, the killing of 2000 and more “suspected terrorists”, including 500 suspected terrorist children, is justified, and Hamas is like the IS.
    Executing of KNOWN collaborators is quite normal for any group whose lives depend on loyalty. Israel’s relentless attacks are helped by informers, and if the two suspects of the death of the “three teens” which Israel used as a pretext for all its reprisals had been executed for their known actions which caused blame to Hamas, perhaps the whole of this devastation could have been avoided (or given a different pretext, of course).

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