Russia pushing Ukraine conflict to ‘point of no return,’ EU leader says

The New York Times reports: Warning that Russia was pushing the conflict in Ukraine toward “the point of no return,” the president of the European Union’s executive arm said on Saturday that European leaders meeting in Brussels would probably endorse new and tougher sanctions in an effort to make Moscow “come to reason.”

After morning talks with the visiting president of Ukraine, Petro O. Poroshenko, the head of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, voiced Europe’s growing alarm and exasperation at Russian actions in Ukraine and the risks of a wider war.

Mr. Poroshenko, speaking at a joint news conference with Mr. Barroso, said Ukraine still hoped for a political settlement with Russian-backed rebels in the east of his country but said a flow of Russian troops and armored vehicles into Ukraine in recent days in support of rebels were stoking the fires of a broader conflict.

“We are too close to a border where there will be no return to the peace plan,” Mr. Poroshenko said, asserting that, since Wednesday, “thousands of foreign troops and hundreds of foreign tanks are now on the territory of Ukraine, with a very high risk not only for the peace and stability of Ukraine but for the peace and stability of the whole of Europe.” [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Russia pushing Ukraine conflict to ‘point of no return,’ EU leader says

  1. rosemerry

    Why the repeat of the NYT bile against Russia, when the “West” and Ukraine are never criticised?

  2. John Exdell

    I cannot sympathize with the indignation against Russia coming from official Washington and EU elites. It comes down to this. The U.S. instigated a coup against the democratically elected pro-Russian government in Kiev in order to move NATO east, absorb Ukraine into the U.S.-European economic orbit, and diminish Russia as an independent regional power. This is another case of the U.S. exploiting and inflaming an ethnic division in a foreign land in order to serve its geopolitical purposes. Russia’s real sin is standing up to this onslaught. All of the moral posturing reported daily by the New York Times seems only a cover for the American project of ruling the whole world.

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