Omar Saif Ghobash: Facing the ideological challenge posed by ISIS

Omar Saif Ghobash, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Russia, interviewed by Knowledge@Wharton:

I think we moderate Muslims have done Islam a disservice by not providing a clear framework for young men and women, whether in the West or in Indonesia or in the Arab world, to deal with the problems of modernity. There is an existential crisis that young men face when they haven’t got a job, when they haven’t got a wife, and they haven’t got any opportunities. How do we take Islam as this moderate force and provide sustenance to them rather than providing an extremist version of Islam that satisfies their anger and their need for vengeance of some sort?

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One thought on “Omar Saif Ghobash: Facing the ideological challenge posed by ISIS

  1. Nisar Chowdhari

    All over the world apart for some Ulemas or learned people in Islam have been all talking and discussing about the Ibadaat and how to perform it rightly and our day to day affairs problems no one took time to understand todays sciences, which is supposed to be the study of nature in terms of trying to understand it terms of our Holy book and all the Islamic literature and see it and correct our own understanding from it, they took the easy way out and lrft the job on someone who does not really understand Islamic Jurisprudence and only understands physical sciences, so as to confuse us still more so that people will always be captivate of the interpretation that they give us after all they have to make a living we can only do this if we start the schools having both the Islamic Jurisprudence and sciences taught in all the schools from the starting till he has done his graduation as such we will start the thinking process for all our people and that is what Pakistan was built for a Nursery for implementing Islamic laws in todays world, but it hijacked by vested interest who did not wanted this to happen, so all the time has been wasted and we have to start over again or at least let us try ti implement it in our houses first

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