ISIS fanboy @ShamiWitness outed by Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News: He spent his mornings, afternoons and evenings sending thousands of tweets of propaganda about the Islamic State militant group, acting as the leading conduit of information between jihadis, supporters, and recruits.

His tweets, written under the name Shami Witness, were seen two million times each month, making him perhaps the most influential Islamic State Twitter account, with over 17,700 followers.

BBC News reports: The unmasking of an English-speaking online jihad supporter based in India, who was popular among foreign fighters in Syria, casts light on the decentralised nature of the media operations of the group known as Islamic State (IS).

The Twitter activist Shami Witness played an important role in amplifying the message of IS and had over 17,000 followers before he disappeared – more than some of the key jihadist media groups.

But he was just one of an army of online supporters the group relies on to spread its message in a range of languages – none of whom operate officially on behalf of the group.

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