Yemen government resigns

PRI reports: Omeisy says the presence of rebel soldiers, and the occasional shelling, have made more of an impact on Western media than on Sana’a residents. “Everybody’s armed in Yemen,” he says. “You go down the street even — before the conflict — and everybody’s basically armed. Shooting in the air is actually quite common.”

And there’s been plenty of military movement in the capital over the past year. “When things like this happen — when they say, like, ‘Now the Houthis are moving into Sana’a,’ the media tends to exaggerate. For us who live here in Yemen, this is not actually big news,’ Omeisy says.

Yemen’s government, under President Hadi, has also made little headway in improving living conditions. “What we’ve seen is a deterioration of the situation overall — the electricity, the unavailability of gasoline, cooking gas, oil and the security [problem with al-Qaeda]. What Yemenis need to see is change.” [Continue reading…]

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