Talking to the Syrian activists behind Douma’s symbolic ‘Cage of Death’

NOW: How would you describe the current situation in Douma?

Baraa Abd al-Rahman: Today we have clouds and rain, which are preventing Assad’s planes from committing massacres against the civilians. However, there is mortar shelling.

NOW: And within the last few weeks, how has the situation been?

Abd al-Rahman: The situation has been tragic; a violent escalation of airstrikes and barrel bombs. In one week alone, there were more than 150 airstrikes, which completely demolished more than five neighborhoods and dozens of residential buildings on top of their residents. There were 140 killed; 40 of them children, and 20 women.

And no headquarters exist [in the areas hit] for the rebels or opposition factions.

NOW: You mean no rebels were killed by these strikes?

Abd al-Rahman:
Not one. [Continue reading…]

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