Growing skepticism about whether Israel and the U.S. genuinely have ‘shared values’

McClatchy reports: For years, American politicians have waxed poetic about the “shared values” of the United States and Israel – ideals that typically aren’t spelled out but usually are taken to mean the basic tenets of Western democracy.

That time-worn phrase came under scrutiny this week in the aftermath of a particularly ugly Israeli election. Some Americans, both Jews and non-Jews, have questioned what the common threads are as Israeli provocations force the Obama administration into the uncomfortable role of having to publicly rebuke an ironclad ally.

In the past several weeks, Americans have seen Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu undermine their president before Congress over differences on Iran, use anti-Arab language about his own citizens, and jettison the two-state framework that international powers have agreed for years is the best way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Meanwhile, the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, made headlines this month by saying that any Arab Israeli who isn’t sufficiently loyal to Israel should take an ax to the head.

“Can you imagine a foreign minister anywhere else in the world saying that his citizens should be beheaded? We’ve gotten to this environment of complete impunity,” said Diana Buttu, a former legal adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian negotiators. “It’s not just that Netanyahu won – it’s that the entire country has shifted to the right.”

Analysts said that such inflammatory conduct by top Israeli officials runs the risk of fueling what they described as a glacial, grass-roots shift in American public opinion from unconditional support for Israel to greater skepticism about policies such as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza or settlement construction. And while the United States is no stranger to racial politics, the overt anti-Arab sentiment coming from Israel’s highest offices probably isn’t what American politicians have in mind when they talk of shared values. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Growing skepticism about whether Israel and the U.S. genuinely have ‘shared values’

  1. deteodoru

    Israel as the Jewish State is a myth as it is Israel the state of certain Jews. That this is so is proven by the fact that 70% of Jews chose the Diaspora with full loyalty to the nation where they live. Israel is a burden, like the distant cousin who bears the same last name and is a most embarrassing shyster and drug user that everyone must stop doing what they do to get along in life in order to get massive assets to from the “dumb goyims” to be used to: a) survive while behaving like A GANIF and b) mmake sure that no Jew can ever think of his Diaspora Homeland as real, for sonner or later he must show up to massacre Palestiinans and other Arabs so that “GREATER ISRAEL can achieve its grand historic myth recapitulated.

    Netanyahu always PERSONALLY believed that two-states-one-economy is the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. But on the other hand, a few Palestinians maddened to acts of violence against a society that tolerates Palestinians so long as they don’t touch the ground, don’t inhale the air and above all don’t exhale in it and never occupy ant fixed structure, territory or address, thus giving the illusion of some sort of permanence in Israel though non-Jews have done insane acts such as insisting: “This is MY house and has been in my family for 500 years.” A made in Ohio bulldoser would some come and level that house so that the Arab presence is suddenly dust and dust flies away, dispersed in the wind. Clearly then, the sand, the broken boards and glass, strips of cloth and fragments of furniture thus become litter upon the “land of the Jews.” Four generations later, a Palestinian’s home becomes garbage to be cleared from the LAND OF THE JEWS so that a Jew who made his ten generation linage in Britain, France and the US as total citizens loyal to these Diasporic homelands can know that a made in USA home with a made i USA contents and a “gift of the American people” endless cash award awaits him soo that he can comfortably live in comfort and luxury as he never knew to endlessly study and argue over Torah passages ad infinitum because he will be supported by an endless supply of sustenance as “blood debt” owed by the American taxpayers because of their lack of intervention in the Jewish concentration camps of the Nazi regime. The Holocaust is THE HOLOCAUST, one so great and so outrageous a sin against “GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE,” the sin of allowing the German camps to exist by not stopping them immediately, that the debt in blood is so great that though it must be paid for in any and all demands from the Zionists, no payment ever begins to come close to a final financial exculpation as forgiveness can never be bought off. Only self-hate by the American and European goym can produced through limitless submission to the Zionist wants and demands towards expanding to the “natural borders of Israel given His people by God.” And so, lest we are to suffer a catastrophic Judgement Day, we must fill the coffers of this new regime and forcefully send to Israel the “chosen people” whom we have polluted with a phony “good life” doing extremely well materially in the West by forcefully forcing them to take the righteous aliyah that God Jehovah demands of them. Though we are to assist them to liquidate their wealth so they can bring it to the Great State of all Jews, Israel, we must recognize the deprivations we thus impose on them and so ad perpetium compensate Israel for the losses of its children coming home by providing endless financial open-endedness towards their Holy Land ad perpetium.

    All in all, Israel must be given its lost children with all the wealth they aquired in the Diaspora as a price of admission. But once they have moved there, we must recognize how many times more they could have gained, had they stayed in the West and so we must lavish on Israel an endless flow, neigh a torrent, of money as compensation for all they potentially lost by leaving the Diasporic World.

    So, let’s be clear, We Americans owe Israel millions of bodies in good health, in good wealth and in great safety as God Ordained children of the promised land and then we must compensate Israel lavishly for, by going to Israe, they are deprived of the massive wealth they would have aquired had they stayed n the West.

    All this of course demands that the West pay for the miserable state of primitiveness it has imposed on the Arab World, making it into a savage and mad world of oil righ sheikdomes. Because the power of these sheikdomes results exclusively from the west’s avarice for their oil, the West owes Israel all the means it deems necessary to keep these American-enriched Arabs in submissive order and all revenues made from Arab oil should in large part be given to Israel as our petrodollars alone are making possible for them to be such abnormal killer regimes surrounding Israel. To redress this crime against Israel, we must be ready to commit the full power of our forces to suppress them as required for Israel to feel secure. Furthermore, as the victim of our profligate expenditure for joint Arab-American oil extraction industries, we owe Israel whatever it takes to make its wealth equal to that of the Arabs as we made the Arabs so rich at Israel’s expense.

    I hope you all appreciate this fundamental legal brief of the current Bibbi Netayahu because only that way can Americans appreciate how much it owes Israel for having interfered with the formation of the rich and powerful Jewish State that God declared Israel to must become.All our acts of interference of opposition to this massive Greater Israel ordained by God must be compensated with billions of dollars per Israeli, military support and free access to our most secure governmental agencies so that the Mossad can make sure that “never again” will act out our inherit and characteristic anti-Semitic jealous tendencies to undercut the pinnacle that is the land of God’s Chosen People. The more money, goods, secrets, obedience and technology we give Israel the more we overcome our anti-Semitic tendencies. The more we commit to the eradication of those neighbors of Israel that it deems as must be eliminated because they stand in the way of the manifest destiny of the Great Jewish State, so that it need not be distracted from its building of the greatness of Israel, the more we wash off the filth and manure of our sick soulls that jealously rage against the superiority of Jews.

    Our way to redemption depends on two fluid dynamic concepts of physics:
    The thicker the gold we flow to Israel in compensation of our anti-Semitism derived from jealousy of their racial superiority and the wider the flow of the malten river we collect and send its way, the more we are liberated from our antagonism towards their superiority and the more satisfaction and security we come to feel by exterminating all its neighbors who would sacraligeously challenge the God-willed expansion of Israel’s borders.

    Shalom to all, peace that can only come when the devil in the souls of all goyms is pauperized and shrunken by great fully passing its wealth to the building of God’s Nation, Israel, while the rest of us shrink to our proper lower level where we will no longer be able to manifest our jealousy of Jewish superiority.

    I urge Obama to repent and take massive tribute to PM Netanyahu the rectifier of an odd historical moment when the Great and Chosen Jewish People suffered the un-natural state of victims rather than victimizers.

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