Missing Mexican students suffered a night of ‘terror,’ investigators say

The New York Times reports: Municipal police officers encircled the bus, detonated tear gas, punctured the tires and forced the college students who were onboard to get off.

“We’re going to kill all of you,” the officers warned, according to the bus driver. A policeman approached the driver and pointed a pistol at his chest. “You, too,” the officer said.

With a military intelligence official looking on and state and federal police officers in the immediate vicinity, witnesses said, the students were put into police vehicles and taken away. They have not been seen since.

They were among the 43 students who vanished in the city of Iguala one night in September 2014 amid violent, chaotic circumstances laid bare by an international panel of investigators who have been examining the matter for more than a year. The reason for the students’ abduction remains a mystery. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “Missing Mexican students suffered a night of ‘terror,’ investigators say

  1. Óscar Palacios

    I have very serious doubts about any justice being served in this case, as in most cases in Mexico. Judicial authorities simply don’t function as intended. I wonder whether they ever have. The level of impunity in Mexico is frightening. No wonder when the vast majority of politicians are corrupt. The last attorney-general made up a story about how the 43 students were abducted by municipal police and then handed to organized crime gangs, which murdered them. The Mexican government always proceeds in the same fashion: declare that a serious investigation will take place; blame the lowest ranking people involved; spare any higher ranking officials; torture the accused, make them sign a distorted confessions; and then have well-groomed authorities give speeches on TV about how the system is efficient. Wait for the next scandal and repeat.

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