Clinton’s penchant for secrecy goes back decades

McClatchy reports: She responded this way when challenged about potential conflicts of interest involving her family’s foundation, and again when questioned about her use of private email to conduct government business.

And now, when asked about her health Sunday, Hillary Clinton has fallen back on the same strategy she has used for decades: silence.

Her secrecy seems to create as much controversy – if not more – than the initial issue itself, perpetuating a belief held by most voters since the start of the presidential campaign that she is not honest.

In other words, Clinton’s careful attempts to avoid political trouble only seem to get her into more political trouble.

“Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia,” tweeted David Axelrod, a top strategist for President Barack Obama’s campaigns. “What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?” [Continue reading…]

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