How did the world remain silent during the Holocaust? Exactly the way it’s doing in Aleppo

Nitzan Horowitz writes: For as long as I can remember, when I was told about the Holocaust they always said that the world was silent. “The Jews were sent to the gas chambers and the world did nothing,” the teacher leading Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies would say, and her voice would crack with tears. So did my grandmother, whose huge ultra-Orthodox family was shot, burned, poisoned and starved in the Nazi killing fields. The few who managed to flee for their lives, shivering refugees, faced a hostile reception in neutral countries like Switzerland. American visas were not even the remotest possibility.

That same grandmother, who was already in this country, went as far as the British high commissioner to beg for an entrance permit for her mother, who remained behind in Poland. In vain. “There’s not even room for a cat in Palestine,” the senior British official told her. Her mother was murdered, and that cruel response burned in her until her dying day.

How could the world have remained silent? Why didn’t they stop the destruction, or at least bomb the death camps, the trains and the tracks? Toward the end of the war, when the military balance in Europe had changed, they could have done this. Some of the Jews of Hungary, for example, could have been saved from Eichmann’s clutches. Hundreds of thousands of people. How did they not open the gates?

How? Look at Aleppo and you’ll see. No comparisons allowed? I’m comparing. To Guernica for example, the symbol of fascist violence in the Spanish Civil War. The mass murderer Bashar Assad, assisted by the brutal Vladimir Putin, dropping barrels of burning oil on residential buildings, carpet-bombing entire neighborhoods, exterminating children, the elderly, farmers and merchants. It’s been going on for five years. Half a million people have been killed. More than four million have fled the country. Double that number have become refugees in their own country. Right now hundreds of thousands of people are under siege in Aleppo, about to be annihilated.

War crimes? Certainly. A crime against humanity? No doubt. And the world is silent. There is an international coalition in Syria, led by the United States. It is even working energetically, and apparently also efficiently, against the Islamic State and the rest of the murder organizations of its ilk. A worthy goal indeed, but ISIS is responsible for only a small part of the massacre, the destruction and the waves of refugees generated by the regime in Damascus and their patrons in Moscow.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President Barack Obama, did not bring peace. Syria was a major lost opportunity, a stain on his presidency. True, he inherited a terrible legacy from the Republicans: a bleeding swamp in Afghanistan and the fraudulent war in Iraq. The last thing he wanted was another entanglement in the Middle East. It’s hard to blame him, but one should: It was his duty. Had he responded firmly to the horrors perpetrated by Assad and Putin at the outset, perhaps this nightmare of a war would not have reached its current proportions. It would have been possible – and these things were proposed and discussed in real time – to declare a no-fly zone in the regions of the civil war, just as was done in Iraqi Kurdistan against Saddam Hussein. But it wasn’t done, and Putin pulled the rope tighter and tighter until he broke it completely. Millions of people are paying the unimaginable price. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “How did the world remain silent during the Holocaust? Exactly the way it’s doing in Aleppo

  1. Randy Erb

    This is absurd since the point of the attacks are NOT against a whole people, but are a legitimate military operations. I guess Gen Grant would have to stand trial for “war crimes” in his attack and siege of Vicksburg where civilians were subject to bombardment and starvation. The people of Vicksburg were literally STARVING to death during that siege. That is an unfortunate FACT of warfare. The US Army did the SAME thing to German cities in WWII. My Uncle Bob was a GI infantryman and he told about how if they had opposition from a German town, they called in TNT fire. That is time on target where about one hundred artillery tubes fired at different times so that all the shells hit the town at the same time. He said the town disappeared in one big bang. He said the Germans quickly learned to not fight in their towns.
    It is also absurd to call Syrian regime committing aggression against their OWN country! Only a totally biased observer could make such a claim and we can disregard such views.

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