Protesters take anti-Trump message to his doorstep, and plan next move

The New York Times reports: They came in their thousands — the children of immigrants, transgender individuals, women and men of all different ages and races — to demonstrate against President-elect Donald J. Trump on Saturday in New York.

Some held handwritten signs like, “Show the world what the popular vote looks like.” The throng chanted, “Not our president!”

In one of the largest anti-Trump demonstrations since his election on Tuesday, a mass of people marched from Union Square in downtown New York to Trump Tower, the headquarters and home of Mr. Trump.

The protesters included Fin Justin Ross, 20, a transgender man from New Jersey, and Virginia Jimenez, 45, a Mexican-American from Long Island who said she came to show that “not all Mexicans are bad people.” Shake’ Topalian, 71, a child of Turkish immigrants, said she was fearful that a genocide like the one her parents had survived could “happen again.”

What a Trump administration will bring remains something of a mystery. But a national resistance among liberal activists and others who say they do not support his presidency is rising in response to the election in a way not seen in modern presidential history. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to pre-emptively denounce a man whose administration they fear will be rooted in bigotry. Students have walked out of classes, protesters have blocked highways and demonstrators have clashed with the police. [Continue reading…]

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