Quebec City gunman ‘likes’ Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and the Israel Defense Forces

The gunman accused of killing six people and wounding eight others in what Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described as a “terrorist attack on Muslims” at a Quebec City mosque on Sunday night, has been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette. He has been arrested and is being questioned by the Quebec Provincial Police.

Bissonnette’s motives for the attack remain unknown but there are clues about his political leanings from his Facebook page. This much appears indisputable: his hatred of Muslims.

Heavy reports: Bissonnette likes the Facebook pages of U.S. President Donald Trump and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, but he does not express support for them elsewhere on his page. Other likes include the Israel Defense Forces, United With Israel and Parti Québécois of Université Laval.

He also likes U.S. Senator John McCain, a moderate Republican who has opposed Trump on some issues, President George W. Bush, the Canadian New Democratic Party and late Canadian politician Jack Layton, who was a leader of the left-wing NDP, so the likes do not shed much light on Bissonnette’s beliefs. [Continue reading…]

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