Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to Trump, said to have the level of expertise ‘one would expect from a Congressional intern’

Business Insider reports: It was May 2016 and Sebastian Gorka, a former editor at Breitbart News who is now a senior official in President Donald Trump’s White House, had been invited to speak at a Defense Intelligence Agency conference.

Gorka was joined on a panel by two well-respected counterterrorism and national-security experts — Georgia State University professor Mia Bloom and Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow Clint Watts.

But he showed up unprepared, Bloom and Watts said, refusing to answer the questions that had been provided to the panelists weeks in advance.

Bloom told Business Insider that before things got underway, the panel organizer started to discuss which panelists would answer which questions. Gorka, she said, refused to answer anything.

“Gorka stood up after me and said, ‘Well, I’ve been invited here under false pretenses. I couldn’t possibly address this level of granularity,'” Bloom said. “He made it sound like he had no idea that they were going to ask us these questions.”

Watts, a former Army officer and FBI agent, confirmed this description of events, characterizing Gorka’s performance as a “disaster.” [Continue reading…]

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